“I have been a distance runner for over a decade and had been quite set in my training patterns until I met Katie in 2016. Katie has helped me become a faster runner by inspiring and encouraging me to add tempos and threshold workouts into my weekly routine. Whenever we run together, she pushes me to run faster and better than I could do on my own, all while making it feel like a fun, social activity. She is a positive, energetic, and kindhearted spirit who will make you feel great about your running progress. Furthermore, she approaches running from a holistic perspective, encouraging proper nutrition, rest, hydration, and other self-care routines. She is highly organized and responsive and deeply cares about ensuring each person can live up to their running potential!” ~ Jennifer

Katie has always made running FUN! Without her enthusiasm and energy—she genuinely loves to run—I would never have been able to focus on my breathing, take on big hills, or run my first half marathon. She helped me strike a balance between running with intention and running effortlessly, and it’s made me a more healthy and successful runner!” ~Tara

“Katie and I met as we started grad school. In getting to know her, I also got to know and witness the benefits of running and the passion she has for her own practice. Because we are in the field of public health, I hesitate to describe her enthusiasm as ‘contagious,’ so I will call her attitude towards running extremely engaging. As someone who always dreaded the mile run in P.E. class, and never even considered attempting to run, I unexpectedly found myself curious about this mysteriously uplifting and energizing pastime. After I saw her and another friend of ours train for and run in a race, I was inspired to start my own running journey. Not only was I able to run a 5K for the first time ever, but I also felt so supported, and never pressured, by Katie’s encouragement when we’d talk about running. As a beginner, running can seem daunting, and progress can seem slow, or seem to involve more steps backward than forward at times – this is when having a supportive friend and community can make all the difference 🙂 ” ~L

“I was fortunate enough to meet Katie in a training group for the 2018 Chicago Marathon. We shared many long runs together, which gave us lots of time to talk and get to know each other better. We learned that we had a lot in common and came from similar running backgrounds. Katie is definitely a student of the sport and is open to learning from others. She will ask lots of questions, but she also understands that not every runner responds to training the same way. Katie enjoys the challenge of figuring out what will work for you. Not only will she help you achieve your goals, she will be your biggest cheerleader along the way. Even when you think a workout didn’t go so well or you had a bad race, she will always point out something positive. Running is a journey with ups and downs, but you’ll be happy having Katie coaching and encouraging you each step of the way.” ~Katelyn