Coaching Services

All Coaching Services are fully personal, customized to you and your goals! I work with you one-on-one via phone calls, emails, and messaging to create the best plan for you.

Begin by booking intro call here:

Monthly Online Coaching:

3 month commitment: $75 per month

  • Introductory phone call between runner and Coach Katie. During our initial consultation, we will chat about your running background, your current goals, and get to know each other better
  • Run workouts uploaded into Final Surge training platform, 3 months at a time
  • runner profile, includes your fully personalized training schedule
  • Automated workout uploads – use your favorite running app or watch, your workouts will automatically sync with Final Surge (compatible with Garmin, Apple watch, Strava, and most smartphone running apps)
  • Monthly phone calls and feedback to check in on how the training is going, discuss what you would like to adjust, touch base on fueling, and address any questions

Immersive 1-on-1 coaching

(2 spots currently open): $100/month

For a select group of 10 athletes per month, I offer fully hands on coaching that includes:

  • Feedback on every workout via Final Surge workout comments and messaging
  • Unlimited communication via messaging, phone calls, texts, emails, etc, no question is too small!
  • Unlimited flexibility/adjustments to your training schedule
Screenshot of Monthly Training Calendar (example)
Example of Athlete-Coach communication via app – I provide feedback for every workout! And you can mark how your felt as seen above

In-person Coaching:

Available for Atlanta runners!

Currently on pause due to the surge – please get vaccinated!

Popular in-person training sessions:

Piedmont Park form drills/running – this is a great way for us to meet up, run a few short miles, and go through each of the form drills. I will provide feedback on your form and any questions you have throughout the run

Active Oval speed work – if you’d like pacing on a track workout, or want me to hold the stopwatch/water bottle and coach you through a speed work session, I’ll provide whatever you need for your run

General in-person run – let’s simply do your workout together! This can be wherever you like (greater Atlanta area) and we can warm up, stretch, run, socially catch-up together. I’ll answer any and all questions you have regarding running during our session. These are fun!

Pricing: for runs that start/end in Piedmont Park each session will be $20. If you’d like me to meet you around town, anywhere in the greater Atlanta area, each session will be $30.  Some fantastic running locations include: Westside beltline, Silver Comet Trail, Stone Mountain, Cochran Shoals

Coaching Philosophy

  • Positivity– I believe in you. Yes, you. Fundamentally, us humans can get together and do great things, with the help of positive encouragement. Viewing situations in a positive light, helps to frame our mindset in everything we do. We’ve got this one life, let’s choose to make the most of it. You can do this
  • Self-improvement– the biggest thing we can ask of ourselves is to improve from where we have started. I believe our progress should be measured by looking at our own self-improvement, not by comparison with anyone else. By focusing in on our individual journeys, we can become our personal champions and successors
  • Discipline over motivation– the discipline of completing each day’s workout creates a routine and habit that will trump motivation. With my coaching plans, I focus on taking a day at a time, reaching small goals to compound into achieving big goals. Running a marathon starts with a single one-mile run
  • Train smarter– it is important to be an informed runner, train smart, be purposeful and smart about training. This is done by focusing on what leads to real results, looking at the data and science of running. A running coach is a great way  to accomplish this – I love this aspect of coaching, I get to use my education and healthcare analytic background to guide all training plans
  • Love the run–  I believe that running can fundamentally be loved, and cherished. Yes, running can be challenging, however, I believe in finding the joy in the runs. Whether that’s discovering a new path, making a long run a bit more adventurous, or focusing in on the self-improvement milestones, we can find the joy in the every day.