Coaching Services

All Coaching Services are fully personal, customized to you and your goals. I work with you one-on-one via phone calls, emails, and messaging. I’m fully accessible, please reach out with any questions!

Monthly Online Coaching:

$50 per month

  • Introductory phone call between runner and Coach Katie. During our initial consultation, we will discuss your running background, goals, and set up your Final Surge profile. Each month of coaching comes with a phone call with me to chat anything running related
  • Daily workouts uploaded into Final Surge training platform, including both running workouts and light strength training workouts
  • runner profile, an interactive platform that I use for all coaching services. You access your workouts through the Final Surge website or phone app. Final Surge syncs with your running watch or phone to show your workouts including distance, pace, timing, and heart rate. Upload workouts, check the boxes that you’ve completed. My coaching services cover all fees related to use of Final Surge
  • Daily feedback as you complete your workouts, I’ll check in to give encouragement, answer any questions, and tweak workouts as I gain data on how your body is handling the training. Interactive and communicative, I encourage opening the dialogue to every aspect of your running journey. Whether that’s what shoe you’re wearing, any prior injuries, or if you accidentally slept in and missed a run, these data points affect how I build your training plan. I build your workouts around what works best for you and what is working for you based on the data
  • Open communication via the Final Surge messaging or via email for any questions, concerns, and general discussions about running as you pursue your running goals
  • Investment: $50 per month, you commit to as many months as you like, or take it one month at a time

In-person Coaching:

$20 per session, Atlanta Beltline/Piedmont Park/Active Oval

$30 per session, greater Atlanta area

  • Due to popular request, I am now available for in-person coaching sessions!
  • Track workouts – I’ll work the stopwatch, hold your water bottle, and be your biggest cheerleader
  • Long run pacing (short runs too!) I can run with you, chat about anything running, and be an encourager. Most importantly, I can set the pace if you’re trying to tackle a specific speed (as long as we’re running 7 minute miles or above)
  • Atlanta locals – in-person coaching on the Beltline or anywhere within Piedmont Park, including track workouts on the Active Oval
  • Major cities around the US – I travel extensively! If you are ever interested, please reach out, tell me where you are and your interest. You never know, I might just be visiting your city! If I’m in your city, I’ll private message you and I can coach you through a session
Meal prepping for marathon training – lots of protein and veggies!

Nutrition Consult

$30 per session

  • One hour session designed as a ‘check-in’ to assess your current eating habits, establish goals related to nutrition and fueling, and create an action plan. I recommend one session at the beginning of a workout cycle and a follow up session a month later. Also recommended before races to discuss race specific fueling
  • Spend dedicated time to self reflect on your current nutrition habits, go through an overview of macro nutrients needed, important vitamins and minerals specific to runners, and to have an encouraging ear to provide feedback
  • Great for pre-race fuel prep – if you have a race coming up and are wondering how to properly fuel for the race, what to eat the night before and on race day. If you’re running a full marathon we need to do prepping on gels!
  • I have an educational background in scientific research and public health. My philosophy – food is a much needed fuel for runners and proper nutrition can make a significant difference in gaining your strength. Not just muscle strength, but also mental, emotional, and for your endurance. It’s good to check in on your nutritional habits, no matter where they are, and think about where you would like to go. These nutritional consults create a safe space for just that!
  • Disclaimer: I am not a Registered Dietician – if you are seeking specific medical advice, please seek out a licensed clinician. Eating disorders need to seek out a medical professional
Banana oatmeal chocolate chip muffins – favorite personal recipe – I’ll be sure to share during nutritional consults!

Coaching Philosophy

  • Positivity– I believe in you. Yes, you. Fundamentally, us humans can get together and do great things, with the help of positive encouragement. Viewing situations in a positive light, helps to frame our mindset in everything we do. We’ve got this one life, let’s choose to make the most of it. You can do this
  • Self-improvement– the biggest thing we can ask of ourselves is to improve from where we have started. I believe our progress should be measured by looking at our own self-improvement, not by comparison with anyone else. By focusing in on our individual journeys, we can become our personal champions and successors
  • Discipline over motivation– the discipline of completing each day’s workout creates a routine and habit that will trump motivation. With my coaching plans, I focus on taking a day at a time, reaching small goals to compound into achieving big goals. Running a marathon starts with a single one-mile run
  • Train smarter– it is important to be an informed runner, train smart, be purposeful and smart about training. This is done by focusing on what leads to real results, looking at the data and science of running. A running coach is a great way  to accomplish this – I love this aspect of coaching, I get to use my education and healthcare analytic background to guide all training plans
  • Love the run–  I believe that running can fundamentally be loved, and cherished. Yes, running can be challenging, however, I believe in finding the joy in the runs. Whether that’s discovering a new path, making a long run a bit more adventurous, or focusing in on the self-improvement milestones, we can find the joy in the every day.