About Me – Run Coach Katie

Hello, I’m Run Coach Katie. I’m a Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) Certified Run Coach. I’ve been running for 15 years, racing 5ks, half marathons, marathons, and sprint triathlons. Then, in 2018, I trained under former Olympian Amy Begley and ran the Chicago Marathon. Most recently, I ran the California International Marathon (December 2019). Now in the pandemic of 2020, I’m enjoying running for my mental health, to seek out healthy routines, and as an outlet for outdoor adventures.

Early Years:

I love running. In high school, I ran varsity cross-country and track all four years. Senior year I was captain of our team of 75 girls! It was a lot of fun. I absolutely love the team aspect of running and encouraging others. One of my wisest coaches from my early years had a mantra of personal improvement. He didn’t recognize who ran the fastest, each week he recognized the runners who improved the most from the previous week. Now, I’ve taken this mentality to heart and strive to be an encourager, a champion of promoting self-improvement, and a team player.

For the past 5 years, I’ve ran 2 full marathons, 4 half marathons, 2 10ks and 2 sprint triathlons. Next, I have a goal to run the 6 world major marathons which include Chicago, New York, Boston, Tokyo, Berlin, and London. These are called the Abbott World Marathon Majors and you get a special medal for completing all 6!

Education Background:

My education and career play a big role in influencing my running! First, I earned my undergraduate degree at Ohio State, studying Biomedical Science. Then, I earned my Master’s of Public Health from Emory University and I now work at one of the country’s largest healthcare companies as a data analyst. Research and data definitely influence my running. I love using my analytic mind and looking at all data (my favorite is heart rate) to create training plans.

After informally coaching friends for years, I am excited to offer formal coaching services! In 2019, I completed the Road Runners Club of America coaching course and passed the exam for becoming a certified coach. Combining this with my educational background, 15 years of running experience I would love to coach you! I love sharing my passion of running and being a positive encourager for anyone who wants to be a runner. Please use the Contact Form on the right hand side of this page and reach out!

I look forward to running with you!