Holiday Gift Ideas for the Runner in your life

Whether you are a supportive partner, great friend, or looking to treat yourself – this list is for you! Runners spend so much time running – time to show that you support them with a running oriented gift! Of course, gifting a month of personal training from your favorite personal online running coach is a great gift! Check out ‘Coaching Services‘ to learn more. For more tangible fit ideas, here is a compilation of finds that will appeal to the runner in your life. Here are my Holiday Gift Ideas for the runner in your life.

I’ve been a runner for 15 years and always have something in the back of my mind for my next splurge. Luckily, running overall is a fairly affordable sport, where all you need is a pair of shoes. But the gadgets, tools, and tech is pretty cool and intriguing to check out. Here’s some things I’ve loved or have on my list. Hint Hint for those in my life ๐Ÿ˜‰

FYI/Disclaimer: I am not sponsored. At all. This list contains my honest opinions and thoughts. These companies don’t even know I’m supporting them. Appreciate my list? Let me know and support me by following along on instagram and/or letting me be your coach! Thanks all ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Roll Recovery R8: This recovery tool is a leg massager. Does the runner in your life talk about foam rolling or always wishing they could get more massages? Then this is for them. You can use it sitting on the couch watching Netflix. The R8 roller is used on the legs (or arms) and has all the pressure you need within the device. I splurged on this earlier this year and use it frequently. (
  2. Oiselle’s light-up tank top: This shirt is highly reflective and lights up – perfect for running at dawn or dusk! Every runner has a ton of old T-shirts, but none are like this quality splurge piece. The tank top has a loose fit, making it a good gift, as you can most likely guess the proper size. The light up material is also available in running tights, long sleeve shirts, and headband (
  3. New running gloves: It’s cold outside. Runners need to keep their hands warm. Pretty simple! Sure, your runner should already have a pair. But these are an item that is easy to get lost in the laundry. Even if you keep track of them, they can get dirty easily. It’s nice to have another pair. My favorite are from Oiselle, but any brand will do (
  4. Framed Race Map from Etsy: Has the runner in your life ran a race this year that they are really proud of? Go to and get them a framed print of their race map, along with their race time and date. This is an excellent momento and great way for a runner to display their achievement. Gifting this gift shows that you are proud of their accomplishment!
  5. For the tech/science oriented runner – check out if there is a place locally where you can go and test your VO2 max (fancy treadmill designed to test your lung capacity) or Alter-G Anti-Gravity treadmill (a treadmill designed by NASA that allows astronauts to adjust to gravity). If you’re in Atlanta, ATL track club members get a discount on the local Alter-G treadmill. These treadmills are interesting and create a unique experience that your runner wouldn’t normally treat themselves to. You can treat them to a one time session on these fancy treadmills! This is a really cool experience-oriented gift for someone who likes learning new things, has established themselves as a runner, and likes to see new tech
  6. New bluetooth headphones – yes the apple earphones are popular! There are also many other great sport options out there. I personally have ran with the Plantronics Bluetooth headphones for the past 2 years and highly recommend. The battery life is great, I’ve never had issues running in the rain, and they have durably lasted me 2 years and I anticipate them lasting much longer (
  7. A light up vest for running in the dark – I’ve used this frequently and a few of my runners have already purchased this year and have expressed that they like wearing it. This is great for anyone who is putting in miles dawn or dusk – this gift shows that you are practical and you care about their safety! (
  8. Run Fast Cook Slow cookbook – this line of cookbooks is a staple for anyone who keeps up with the famous runners. The cookbooks are written by Shalane Flanagan, who is the US woman that won the NYC marathon in 2017. She is also an Olympian. She’s partnered with her college running friend, a nutritionist, and they have a fantastic line of cookbooks. Run Fast Cook Slow is the original cookbook. They just came out this week with a new meal-prepping planner. It has less recipes, (if you’re looking for recipes go with the original cookbook), but the meal planner is perfect for someone who’s been working to improve their meal prep and could use some structure (
  9. Upgraded meal prep tubberware: If the runner in your life likes to meal prep, they probably have been using old plastic tubberware with missing lids. Time to upgrade them to glass reusable containers! It’s better for the environment (yay!), better for their health (no BPA), and easier to clean. I personally purchased the following glass containers this year and have found them very helpful! (
  10. Last minute/Christmas Eve gift: Stop by CVS instead of the crowded mall and get: 1. Dr. Teal’s Epsom salt (this is used for recovery baths) 2. a nice candle 3. some chocolate 4. a Swell water bottle (one of those nice bottles that keep cold liquids cold and hot liquids hot) 5. Fuzzy socks that are cute and perfect for recovery. This assortment is the perfect ensemble for a runner oriented at-home treat-your-self recovery day. The runner in your life will appreciate this gift and find it useful!

Hope this list gives you some great ideas for presents or ways to treat yourself! Runners put so much time and energy into their hobby that a running oriented gift can show how proud you are and how you support them in their endevours. The runner in your life will appreciate the fact that you thought of them and paid attention to their hobby.

And as always – you can gift them a month of coaching! Check out the ‘Coaching Services’ page for options. One month of having me as their online coach can be a great addition to one of the gifts above.

Wishing everyone a happy holiday season ๐Ÿ™‚

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